Family Resources

We understand that their are challenges to raising a family and having a faith based marriage in today's fast paced world. Below are some resources to help you along this journey. 

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  • Family Life Today

    Contains all kinds of Bible-based material and resources to promote and enrich the family.

  • National Center for Biblical Parenting

    Provides fantastic Bible-based material and strategies that are designed to help parents raise their children to be godly men and women.

  • Focus on the Family

    A time-honored site that has numerous Biblical resources dedicated to enriching and promoting the family.

  • Understand Your Teen Summit

    Watch speakers and experts straight from your device for free and at your convenience delivered straight to your inbox. Sign up for this wonderful opportunity, helping you engage your teens in meaningful conversation. WHEN: September 20th - October 3rd, to sign up for this great opportunity brought to you through AXIS clicking on the image to the left.

Resources for the family,  the individual and couples

  • Crown Financial Ministries

    Has numerous resources designed to help individuals and couple manage their money in a God-honoring way.

  • Dickey Lake Bible Camp

    Our local C&MA Camp that offer Christ-centered camping experiences for the whole family.

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