Family Resources

We understand that their are challenges to raising a family and having a faith based marriage in today's fast paced world. Below are some resources to help you along this journey. 

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  • Family Life Today

    Contains all kinds of Bible-based material and resources to promote and enrich the family.

  • National Center for Biblical Parenting

    Provides fantastic Bible-based material and strategies that are designed to help parents raise their children to be godly men and women.

  • Focus on the Family

    A time-honored site that has numerous Biblical resources dedicated to enriching and promoting the family.

Resources for the family,  the individual and couples

  • Crown Financial Ministries

    Has numerous resources designed to help individuals and couple manage their money in a God-honoring way.

  • Dickey Lake Bible Camp

    Our local C&MA Camp that offer Christ-centered camping experiences for the whole family.

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